Seasonal changes are welcomed by businesses with new and updated stocks. But it becomes a big issue to deal with the out-of-season inventory for businesses. This unsold bundle of out-of-season inventory puts a restriction on the inflow of new inventory and it even freezes the capital or funds invested in purchasing such stock by a company.

Once a season comes to an end, these seasonal goods become difficult to liquidate for a business. Firstly, the demand for these goods decreases as there is no need for these products. Secondly, people are buying the latest and relevant products in the new season. It might be difficult to sell off such seasonal goods but there are some tested and verified methods that could help a business in liquidating the out-of-season inventory. Let us look at some of these methods.

  1. Run Discounts:

    One of the easiest ways to sell seasonal goods once they are outdated is to offer discounts on them as soon as they become out-of-season. End-of-season sales, flat discounts and other such offers may help you in accelerating the sales of such products even during an offseason.

    This seems like an ideal option but it has some disadvantages. The seller has to compromise with the profit margins while running discounts. This would hamper a business from earning good profit margins on a product or stock.

  2. Save for next season :

    Another way to deal with seasonal goods is to stock them in the warehouse for the next season. You can revamp the listing, use new marketing strategies and relaunch these products in the market in the next season as well. This way, you would not have to purchase new stock in the next season.

    But this option is not applicable for a lot of products and impractical as trends change every now and then. The apparel that is trending this season would be considered outdated and old in the next season. Similarly, electronics become obsolete in no time with new technologies and tools springing up every few months. Launching the old products in the next season will do more harm than provide benefit to a company or a business.

  3. Bundled products :

    Another way to deal with out-of-season inventory is to bundle them up with new products. Make bundles of the new and the old and try to sell them out as a deal. Customers may be motivated to buy these bundled deals more in comparison to the single units of products.

    Reselling Tips: How to Sell Out-of-Season Inventory
  4. Excess Inventory Liquidation Companies :

    The most effective way to sell out-of-season inventory is to sell it through the excess inventory liquidation companies. These excess inventory liquidation companies provide a platform to sell excess inventory from different industries. Such companies provide B2B solutions and bulk deals on excess inventory without compromising the profit margins.

    Excess2sell is a leading excess inventory liquidation company in India. The excess inventory liquidation platform provides B2B bulk deals for excess inventory for sellers in different industries like apparel, electronics and even home appliances. The sellers get verified leads at excess2sell and the platform even provides the logistic services to the buyers and the sellers.