How E2S Mobile App Helps in the B2b Wholesale Sector?

Excess2sell Mobile Application

According to Google, today's modern B2B customers are young and have the decision-making powers as top management. They are digitally savvy and they choose mobile over a computer before helping to make a purchase decision. To win b2b platforms and to keep customers, mobile app is one of the most sought after option.

Why you should Buy or Sell with Excess2Sell? Top 5 reasons

Excess Inventory Marketplace

Excess2Sell was founded in 2016. It is an online b2b marketplace in India which helps to liquidate unsold inventories of the b2b sector which is a very large segment in the country. Excess2sell has differentiated itself by establishing the only tech-enabled marketplace that links India's b2b overstock market.

The Brand Story of Excess2Sell!

The Brand Story of Excess2Sell!

Excess2Sell is India's fastest growing Excess Inventory platform, quartered in Mumbai, India. It is well-known as a leading wholesale b2b platform for buyers and sellers.

What is Excess Inventory? How does it Impact Partners Growth?

Excess Inventory

In business discussion you will often come across the word ‘Ageing Stock’ or sometime it is also referred as 'Excess inventory' or ‘Over Stock’. So, what does these words or terminology generally means to a common man. All these words refer to the products that are being sold by the outlet or the partner or dealer who is stocking and selling, but the sales is slow. This could be due to decreased demand for those products in the market.