Do you face issues with your business but still avoid B2B platforms due to their complexity? What if you could have the B2C experience while selling and buying on a B2B platform? Sounds too good to be true? And yet, it can be true. The time has come for a proper exploration of what B2B platforms have to offer to aid the growth and profitability of your business.

A B2B platform for Bulq liquidation, Excess2Sell is an end-to-end business solution offering a range of services right from product search to payment assistance and logistics, everything at your doorstep!

  1. Liquidate your ageing stocks

    There is a difference between buffer stock and excess inventory. Just as your business starts holding excess inventory, the stage is set for possible losses due to depreciation in price, quality, and demand of the stocks. Excess2Sell is a B2B platform for businesses holding such stocks. You can get a platform to sell your excess inventory and free your business from the shackles of stocks-related losses!

  2. Your data? Always secured!

    We are not unaware of the multitude of increasing data security concerns with the rise of B2B platforms. Whether you are a buyer or seller, Excess2Sell follows a principle of CAN- Confidential, Anonymous, and Neutral and never disclose our partners’ identities! With Excess2Sell, you can absolve your businesses from all data security threats.

  3. Product Marketing

    Exhausted with sales expansion through an offline medium? Switch to online channels to scale up your businesses! Excess2Sell markets your products on verified databases to aid your brand positioning. Focus on your quality products and leave the selling to us!

  4. Nominal commission

    Are you skeptical of those “intermediaries” that extract so much money from you? At Excess2Sell, you can rest assured about the money you pay because it will be nominal! At least that’s what our registered 42K+ B2B business partners would say!

  5. Verified stocks and easy shipments

    One of your apprehensions about B2B platforms might be the quality of stocks showcased. With Excess2Sell, you can eliminate all your quality assurance woes as they are the go-to place for verified stocks. Moreover, you do not have to worry about order shipments, as they are safe and insured with doorstep delivery!