In today’s fast-paced moving world that is connected by just one single source- the internet, real-time conversations have become most vital.

The new-age B2B ecommerce industry is majorly dominated by the millennials in terms of management & decision making. Since they belong to a world of digitally enhanced lives and make up for a much larger percentage of online purchases, they expect transactions to happen in a seamlessly convenient and reliable way.

Adopting a customer-centric approach and keeping customer engagement and satisfaction on top priority is no more limited to the business-to-consumer (B2C) industry. It has become equally critical to the B2B business space as the journey of B2B customer-experience is more complex than retail consumers. Even though they are not directly selling to the end consumer, they need to pay close attention to customer relationship as they are selling their products and services to other businesses.

Since more than 59% of B2B buyers and sellers now prefer doing online research instead of interacting with customer representatives, leveraging on newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only helps in creating a more seamless customer experience but also provides a competitive edge in the B2B business industry space.

AI powered Chatbots have emerged strongly in the recent times impacting different aspects of business functions and seen a wide adoption over the last few years. A mobile e-commerce app is the best way to connect to the buyers and sellers, understand their needs and offer them seamless mobile experience. It acts as a catalyst in the entire acquisition process as it can engage your audience in real time and increase the brand loyalty with a simple, easy and innovate UI/UX platform.

A chatbot is a perfect way to generate interaction with your customers by answering their queries and engaging them by providing 24/7 support. There are various ways in which chatbots are bringing new means for businesses to communicate with the customers with the rise of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Here are few benefits of AI Powered Chatbots:

Automated Process:

Communication is the most vital point between companies and customers. Most B2B companies are embracing AI into their business as an integral functionality as it makes it easy to track on operations. With them, customers don’t have to wait hours to get a response from the companies or hold the line to get connected with customer service.

Chatbots have made it easy to get them answers as soon as possible and the prospective buyers and sellers can simply send a message to which the chatbots will reply instantly. It is like a 24x7 virtual support that makes it convenient and faster to handle multiple queries from different customers at once.

Personalised Communication:

Chatbots can provide real-time assistance like a customer representative and offer an interactive communication where they communicate and understand the user intent and behaviour. The always-available customer support by chatbots enables b2b businesses to save time and provide better customer satisfaction to their users. Since they can chat and get responses at any time of the day, it will also help to the brand perception of the company since customers will never be turned away.

Increased Engagement:

Customer service is a mandatory pillar of any sales funnel. Chatbots keep the customers engaged for a longer time on the platform by leading the interaction based on the input the user provides at each specific time. Hence, they are the perfect technology to build customer relation and keep the communication flowing by attending the customers instantly and maintaining the conversation.

Bots or virtual assistants can provide a guided online shopping experience increasing customer retention and attracting new customers as they navigate you through their product catalogue. Understanding the need of AI powered chatbots to develop tailored interactions and build conversational engagement with customers, Excess2Sell has also launched a new feature ‘Smart Business Assistant’ in our B2B online trading app.

E2S Smart is the first line of customer support agent and is available 24/7 to provide assistance. The new feature called Smart Business Assistant is programmed in a conversational and interactive manner so that it can answer all the queries of the customer without having to spend hours on call with the customer representatives. AI enabled chatbots have become the next big thing in the world of B2B marketing as it can assist businesses in their efforts to enhance their engagement with their customers. These bots are transforming the way brands and customers interact with each other.