After several months of hard work, we are delighted to announce the fresh new look of our web. has been recently launched with a new design and layout to make it easier for the user to navigate and find what you are looking for quickly.

We have added exciting new value-added features and worked on our branding and design to give our users a new look. Learning about our services and doing buying or selling on Excess2sell is now easier and user friendly. Being a tech-enabled company, we have developed the new interactive website with improved navigation to give you better access while exploring About us, Newsroom, FAQ, Platform Fees, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Blog, Get Quotations etc.

Here are the new features you can find:

Products Type Wise Segregation:

In the new, features like - Deals of the Day, New Arrivals, Featured & Best-Selling products are added on the home page in the product block section.

Deals of the Day - Products listed in this section are those which will be pushed by E2S Deals. The listed products will be displayed preference wise. If no preference is selected then it will show all list of deals (default list). For guest user, it will show default list.

New Arrivals - This section will display the latest added products. If newly added products are pushed into deals section then, such products will be hidden from the New Arrivals section. Again, these products will be shown preference wise. If no preference is selected then it will show all list of deals (default list). For guest user, it will show default list.

Featured Products - This section will show list of products of Sellers who have Premium Membership. It will also show preference wise. If no preference is selected then will show all list of deals (default list). For guest user, it will show default list.

Best Selling - Best Selling will display the list of products on the basis of most ordered products. (checking maximum order counts)

Deal Banner on Home Screen:

Here you can find Deal of the Day on home page of the website. Deals are customised according to user preferences so that the seller or buyer can only see deals related to their business interests. The web users can edit and set their product category preferences for benefiting from this feature. Banners of latest deals are also updated regularly on the home page.

User Dashboard Design:

The design of the User Dashboard is updated and given an easier functionality for members to edit their profile in a simpler manner. The revised My Account gives a detailed overview to the seller/buyer of all their account information, buying/selling history, shipping/billing address, KYC documents etc. Deals of the day is also shown on the dashboard section.

Lower Price Suggestion to Seller:

This new feature added is added in the User Dashboard. When the seller is adds & updates any product then the lowest price suggestion is shown with comparison to other seller product offer price. Based on this, the seller can also adjust his offered price so that it helps him with faster liquidation of his overstock.

E2S Smart Business Assistant:

E2S Smart - our Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot is now integrated on web. This feature is added to help users with fast response to user queries & interactions. E2S Smart is the first line of customer support agent and is available 24/7 to provide assistance. The new feature called Smart Business Assistant is programmed in a conversational and interactive manner so that it can answer all the queries of the customer without having to spend hours on call with the customer representatives. With this the users can get information about the company, KYC, payment modes, deals, product categories, My Account etc. E2S Smart Business Assistant is designed to allow one-to-one interaction with our virtual support assistant who can help you with instant responses to any queries you may have during product research or purchase process. This artificial intelligence (AI) enabled bot is built with an idea to provide an efficient virtual digital assistant to our members using conversation through instant messaging.

Along with the features above, you can also connect with us on our social media platforms which is integrated on the website. Explore the new to experience a seamless buying and selling experience and keep updated with all our latest deals on products and services.