The Covid-19 global pandemic has been the worst health crisis till date and the only way to deal with it currently is prevention. Most part of the world is in lockdown mode since many months to maintain social distancing and ensuring safety of people at large. During these times, wholesale personal hygiene and healthcare products have gained immense importance and demand than ever as its use has been repeatedly emphasised by health experts around the world.

Usage of hand sanitizers, disinfectants, masks, spraying machines are highly recommended to clean out the chances of being exposed to Coronavirus as it spreads more via hands coming in contact with your face than via air. B2B ecommerce has experienced a surge in demand of these kind of essential and personal care items drastically. For a long time, hygiene products were confined to soaps, face and hair care products. However, this buying behaviour of consumers has shifted tremendously after Covid-19 impact and nowhere is this more apparent than in personal care hygiene and sanitary products space, be it the B2B or B2C. Personal hygiene products will continue to see higher demand as consumers would not want to compromise on health.

Keeping this increase of demand in mind, Excess2sell has added a number of Wholesale hygiene products in their product category list.

Below are some of the best selling personal health care products you can buy in bulk and get at best wholesale prices:

1. Glint Instant Hand Sanitizer :

Glint Instant Hand Sanitizer

Glint Hand Cleanser is enriched with aloe vera extract and glycerine that effectively kills germs and keeps your hands nourished and protected. With 67% alcohol, this gel-based hand-sanitizer is quite effective against germs and leaves your hands gently perfumed and is non-sticky. It contains natural ingredients for extra moisturization, leaving a refreshed fragrance.

2. N95 Face Mask :

The N95 anti-bacterial face mask is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. This mask is very good for protection from common cold and other viral infections and widely recommended from doctors.

N95 Face Mask

3. Pedal Based Sanitizer Dispenser :

Pedal Based Sanitizer Dispenser

The pedal-based hand sanitizer dispenser is a foot operated hand sanitizer stand. It’s sturdy, easy to use, fully adjustable for various bottle types. This is ideal for use in offices, schools, public places like malls, supermarket and all crowded places.

4. Electronic Disinfectant Spraying Machine :

The electronic disinfectant spraying machine is one of the most effective equipment for disinfection. It provides faster, more consistent application reducing labour and chemical cost. This machine allows to disinfect the entire room in seconds and can be ideally used in car, office, house, malls, all public places etc.

Electronic Disinfectant Spraying Machine

5. Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser :

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic sanitizer dispenser can be used to sanitize home and offices. This no-touch automatic dispenser features a sleek profile with a contemporary design suitable for personal and professional use.

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