Mobile ecommerce has become a part of our everyday lives and most people are engaged in using it both for B2B and B2C purpose. For B2B business, a mobile app is a service channel that offers a platform for connecting the buyers with sellers and thereby reduce the cost of sales representatives.

As per recent research data and analysis, over 50% of ecommerce sales is ruled by mobile devices. B2B ecommerce industry is rapidly growing and by 2020 the industry is expected to touch 6.7 trillion with a major number of these transactions happening on mobile. B2B buyers and sellers always look out for a simple, straightforward, secured and hassle-free transaction process. They always sell or buy in bulk volumes hence the B2B ecommerce app tends to pay back quickly generating a higher return on investment (ROI).

Keeping this in mind, Excess2Sell has come up with a comprehensive mobile application that brings leading manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors on one single B2B trading platform. The app provides them with the best bulk deals on various product categories ranging from laptops & accessories, mobile phones, security surveillance, home furnishing, lifestyle and more. It provides an opportunity to the buyers to reduce their cost per unit and sellers to release their blocked capital due to the stuck inventory.

E2S mobile app is changing the way business inventory owners look at their surplus or unused stock now. There are multiple benefits of using the platform of this app for bulk purchase and sell of liquidation deals. Following are the most important features of this app that can help you save costs by giving great deals on bulk purchase and cut on inventories and more profits for your company through bulk sell.

Quick Registration / Login:

You can register and login as a seller or buyer in few simple steps with your minimum information like your email id and phone number. Upon submitting the details, you will get a one-time-password (OTP) verification and welcome message from Excess2Sell. Following this, you have to submit your KYC documents (PAN, GST No & Canceled Cheque) for the final verification process. Once verified, you can start buying and selling on our B2B Mobile App by browsing the categories of your interests.

Preferences Based Product Catalogue Listing:

E2S app interface is fully integrated to display product catalog listings based on your category preferences. Once you log in and select categories of your interests, the product listing page will automatically display products of your preferred category first thereby making it easier for you to select the category you wish to buy or sell.

Voice Based Search:

According to Google, 20% of all searches are now by voice. Majority of buyers prefer to do product research via voice than interacting with sales representatives. Voice search removes the friction from the B2B ecommerce mobile app experience and provides a great opportunity for improved operational efficiencies. Since more than 50% transactions take place through the mobile channel nowadays, we have ensured that our app is fully optimized for voice search. You can easily search about products & brands and check the trending searches on the app.

Smart Business Assistant:

The increased use of mobile phones by ecommerce business has become a crucial factor in driving revenue, customer engagement, retention and building loyalty. Understanding the need of mobile-first experience, we have added a new feature on our Excess2Sell app called the smart business assistant. E2S Smart Business Assistant is designed to allow one-to-one interaction with our virtual support assistant who can help you with instant responses to any queries you may have during product research or purchase process. This artificial intelligence (AI) enabled bot is built with an idea to provide an efficient virtual digital assistant to our members using conversation through instant messaging. This feature will help us in engaging with our customers in an easier manner as they now don’t have to wait for customer representative responses.

Easy and Efficient Ordering:

On any ecommerce platform, it is essential to be able to easily place and track orders. E2S provides easy & efficient ordering system to customers to suit their needs & preferences. E2S has various smart features like fast & easy to navigate catalogue, preference category, special offers like deals of the day etc. A platform like Excess2Sell opens the possibility of helping the B2B sector in liquidation business by allowing sellers to make decision on unburdening their ageing inventory. It offers a solution to the recurrent issue of unused overstock while bridging the gap between the buyers and sellers in the largely unorganized segment under the B2B e-commerce space. Excess2Sell has a reach of 2,00,000 businesses PAN India and a registered base of 31,000+ members. E2S app already crossed over 4000+ downloads since its launch in January 2019.