Excess2Sell is India's fastest growing Excess Inventory platform, quartered in Mumbai, India. It is well-known as a leading wholesale b2b platform for buyers and sellers.

So, here's a where we come from and why we exist:

The company was established in the Year 2016 by a team of professionals, Mr. Rajan Sharma, Mr. Anant Chaturvedi, and Mr. Navinder Singh Chauhan. All 3 have worked together in Smartlink Network Systems and were responsible for the launch of new brands & product lines and later they again teamed up to work for a US-based start-up. Working together they experienced tradition distribution and new age distribution, they also witnessed the beginning of e-commerce in the early 90s, which was followed in 2000 by m-commerce, and now the evolution of 'Omni Channel Retailing' or 'Multi-Channel Retailing’. So, what is a real multi-channel solution? It means shopping from a shop, website purchases, phone orders, mail ordering, interactive television, catalogue ordering, and comparison-shopping sites. A multi-channel retails strategy aims to be a maximize income and loyalty by providing comfort to the customers. During their last tenure, the founders witnessed and took note of the issues like how to sell excess stock, slow-moving stock, overstock, ageing stock? They also noticed that some of the partners getting stuck with surplus stock. Many times, the nature and scale of a partner's business doesn't allow a partner to grow beyond a few stages. Eventually, his cash flow line-up is delayed or dis-balanced leading to losses or low growth. So, the three of the founders decided to start focussing on this unique problem situation and to provide a solution to the Value Chain (Partner, distributors, wholesaler, retailers, traders. Brands, etc). With this objective of offering a One Stop Solution, Checkers India was formed in the year 2016 and subsequently b2b platform excess2sell.com was launched and introduced in April 2016 for India market enabling a unique platform for b2b buyers and sellers, who can easily buy and sell their stock in bulk.

What does excess2sell do? At E2S, we aim to play a major connection in "Omni Channel retailing," and offer our B2B clients a smooth buying experience on our online platform. In brief, we make it easy for our partners to do business across geographies without spending time/effort or forgetting their margins. In today's competitive market, how fast a partner can "Rotate his capital and goods" is the most critical part of a good and successful business model. The more rotation is possible for a partner, the more effective he can bring to his economic cycle. We want to play a major part in the buyer-seller eco-system for surplus stock on both sides. Traditionally the method of selling excess inventory generally involves sending excel sheets to buyers, which is an out-dated method that actually leads to loss of profits.

Excess2sell is a progressive platform, which is to resolve the problem of their surplus inventory. This b2b platform allows sellers throughout India to liquidate their surplus inventory and encourage buyers to analyze offers from across the country, hence following One India One GST model. E2S is a leading b2b wholesale platform which provides complete access to buyers and sellers of surplus inventory market with keeping both the sellers and the buyer's confidentiality. We allow sellers and buyers for their surplus inventory to get the highest profit. Our dedicated teams work very closely with our buyers and sellers to ensure they have a problem-free experience. This bulk trading platform nearly opens up the overall nation as a selling market without spending in manpower or infrastructure.

In a short period of time, E2S has become India's premier Excess Inventory Marketplace & one-stop solution for verticals like Mobility, Apparel, Electronics, home and appliances, IT hardware and software, surveillance, networking, and LED lighting products to name a few. Excess2Sell is poised to reach out to and network together millions of partners, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, vendors and become the number one platform for Assured and Guaranteed liquidation deals. Platform has a reach to over 2,00,000 b2b businesses and has on-boarded over 30,000+ registered Members. It offers 400+ Product Categories across verticals. The platform has a unique business model and it has successfully liquidated overstock inventory for Rs 125+ Crs till now.