Ecommerce businesses need to keep constantly evolving to maintain their popularity with their customers. For doing so, it is a must for them to adapt to newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve customer service and meet customer demands, gain advantage over competitors, improve performance thus leading to long-term success. Its no more an option to use AI in eCommerce, but it’s the kind of technology that’s becoming a mandate to deliver better results quickly and efficiently.

Digitalization is changing the B2B buying and selling experience as customers today are constantly looking for quick search and response, seamless transactions, personalised product suggestions and more.

The eCommerce industry has evolved over the past few years with the advent of digital age. As more and more buyers are moving to eCommerce every day, over 56% of customers are doing their primary research to purchase checkout from smartphones. With this, B2B businesses must ensure they are making necessary changes to keep themselves updated to meet these evolving customer needs.

Analysing customer behaviour using AI in B2B eCommerce can go a long way in creating customer loyalty, consumer satisfaction and retention making you shoppers come back to you again and again. This can be achieved through personalisation and recommendations to the users with the data insights collected and processed through Artificial Intelligence.

Many B2B eCommerce portals are already using forms of AI to have better understanding of their customers, generate new leads and enhance customer experience engagement.

So how does AI benefit B2B eCommerce platforms as a whole?

24x7 Support with AI Chatbots:

Technological advances has changed b2b consumers minds and expectations and eCommerce companies are now focussed on building niche experiences for the individual consumers. For every consumer, be it in the b2c or b2b sector, there are multiple touch points that influences or persuades them to take a purchase decision. Since b2b customers are always on the lookout for quick response and conversational commerce, building an Artificial Intelligence driven chatbot is a perfect way to drive the conversation. Excess2Sell b2b online trading app has also used AI to build a 24x7 virtual assistant chatbot called 'E2S Smart' that is programmed in a conversational and interactive manner so that it can answer all the queries of the customer without having to spend hours interacting with customer representatives.

Learn Purchasing Behaviour:

Once there are enough users on the app, businesses can use this data to further maximise their revenue. An AI enabled b2b mobile app has the ability to process this data quickly analysing the behaviour of the users based on their purchase behaviour and distinguish between who could be recognised as the ‘prospective lead’ and who are not. It can also help to learn when is the best time to push relevant targeted content about your products and services.

Personalised Content:

Even though you may be sending push notifications and recommendations, the app users are keen to experience fresh, relevant and engaging content. Since more companies are using new age technologies, the mobile app users expect tailored and personalised experience to stay dedicated to your app and not look out for a competitor who meets their expectations better than you do. AI user its own algorithms to monitor the choices your users make, understand their likes and dislikes and use this information to deliver appropriate personalised content.

Seamless Navigation:

For any b2b ecommerce platform, it is essential to provide a responsive and seamless UI/UX to the users which is one of the most important factors in driving customer engagement and retention. Features like category preference, fast & easy to navigate dashboard, product segmentation, order tracking etc. helps the b2b sellers and buyers to make a better sell or purchase decision.

AI continuously monitors all devices and channels to create a universal customer view. This unified customer view enables b2b eCommerce platforms to deliver a seamless customer experience across all platforms.