With the present outbreak of Coronavirus, all businesses have been hit badly and facing the biggest challenges of all time to stay afloat. To cope up with these situations, the only option left for the businesses is going fully-digital to keep their brand presence and services available for the customers in the market. To keep the business going the most useful option is to have a comprehensive mobile app that can give all the information to the customer and help them with easy and convenient transactions.

As the continuous flow of business is interrupted due to this global crisis, the connection between the sellers and the buyers is interrupted. Having a power-packed B2B mobile business app can give your standstill business the desired push to stay above the rest.

Mobile ecommerce has become a part of our everyday lives and most people are engaged in using it both for B2B and B2C purpose. For ecommerce business, a B2B mobile app is one of the most beneficial digital service channels that offers a platform for connecting the buyers and sellers. Excess2sel mobile app is a comprehensive mobile application that brings leading manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors on one single B2B trading platform.

It is a one-of-its-kind mobile app that complements the Excess2sell web portal and provides the convenience to its buyers and sellers to shop and sell from the mobile. Customers can get personalised experience through the app, since mobile devices are widely used by the sellers and buyers in the ecommerce space, we use technology through the app to remember user preferences to deliver the best personalisation.

The B2B trade app provides them with the best bulk deals on various product categories ranging from laptops & accessories, mobile phones, security surveillance, home furnishing, lifestyle, beauty & hygiene and more. All the end-to-end features required for buyers and sellers to register, upload their KYC, update their profile, check deals of the day are integrated into the app so that the customer can use it full -fledged for buying and selling on-the-go. Faster transactions are an added advantage using mobile app as users do not need to log in every time. The app also gives personalized push notifications based on user preferences and transaction history helping user to get early access to liquidation deals as soon as they are available.

Besides the app is also enabled with an Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot called E2S Smart. The Smart Business Assistant is programmed in a conversational and interactive manner so that it can answer all the queries of the customer in an instant manner. With this, the users can get complete information about the portal, KYC Updation, payment methods, liquidation deals, product categories, My Account etc. E2S Smart Business Assistant is designed to allow one-to-one interaction with our virtual support assistant who can help you with instant responses to any queries you may have during product research or purchase process.