Business-to-business eCommerce has been rapidly evolving in the recent years urging the need for it implement new-age technologies to stay competitive in the market. Ensuring a seamless omni-channel customer experience across touchpoints, access to easy transaction on mobile phones, providing users a single view of information, giving accurate and automated response have become the need of the hour.

Over the last few years, responsiveness has become the most demanded need of every customer. It is estimated that smartphone users spend nearly 90% of their time using mobile apps and around 60% of online searches & buying decisions of B2B buyers takes place on mobile phones. Most businesses are now making their websites mobile responsive so that the content can adjust itself across all devices properly. However, with the rapid increase in use of mobile phones for all purposes, mobile eCommerce app have become the most preferred device for users nowadays, be it the customers, stakeholders or business associates etc.

Here are the 5 important ways how B2B mobile app helps to engage and retain customers:

1. User Preference :

Social media, online shopping, communication tool everything functions in an app format nowadays. If your business has an optimised mobile app, it is very likely that customers will prefer to use it than visiting your website. The smartphone industry is dominated by the Gen Y or Millennials and they prefer using mobile app to experience better speed, easier navigation, special features etc. They are always on the lookout for quick search and purchase checkout in simple steps for which they prefer using the apps. Mobile websites are majorly for informational awareness and engagement, but the later funnel stages are best served by the b2b mobile apps.

2. Improved User Experience :

User experience has been one of the most sought-after features with the growing trend of mobile apps. If you have a B2B app that welcomes users with a user- friendly UX and help them to get things done quickly which is the core feature of any good app, then customers are likely to stay with your app and recommend it to others. The ease of use, speed, customisation etc. can give a pleasant experience to the users with constant upgradation on the functionality and features. Smoother User Interface (UI), advanced optimised search, user-centric experience, enhance navigation all goes into creating great response for users of the app.

3. Faster Results:

B2B buyers and sellers always expect results on-the-go. To improve the efficiency of your business through your mobile app it is essential you provide a quick sign-up, profile update, voice search, order history, account review, wishlist etc. to make it easily accessible to users and do a sell or buy.

4. Smart Personalisation :

B2B ecommerce companies are leveraging on newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science to deliver smart personalisation to the customers. In the B2B space, including features like customised category preference, personalised deal messages, push notification, recommendations, order history, real-time order tracking etc. are some of the most common essentials to engage the customers.

5. Conversational Commerce :

Conversational experience adds value to the customer journey and augments the brand image in the market. In a world where people are looking for quickest response rate possible, conversational commerce is of huge importance for the B2B businesses. AI-powered chatbots are the most preferred way to provide 24x7 instant responses effectively driving engagement as well as boosts sales of the ecommerce companies.