The unprecedented times of Covid-19 has brought a paradigm shift for all businesses across the globe and has majorly hit the SME sector. These are difficult times but it is important for businesses to keep the wheels spinning and activities running. Running the operation and maintaining the sales while most of the world is doing work from home (WFH) has been a challenging and daunting task for all businesses. Given the crisis, companies depending on sales through traditional channels have been greatly affected due to the massive supply-chain disruptions.

The current situation shows that it is more important than ever to be able to continue operating a business and keep connected with their customers only through digital opportunities. Adopting and activating digital platforms or business service channels are the only way to facilitate interaction between B2B buyers and sellers through an omni channel B2B eCommerce platform that keeps them connected and improves the user experience.

Keeping this in mind, Excess2sell has also streamlined all their digital channels that are a part of the ecosystem.

1. Visit :

We have launched the new look of B2B portal earlier this month with a simple and intuitive navigation. The new design and layout make it easier for the user to navigate and find information quickly. The new website has been integrated with various advanced features like Product Wise Segregation like Deals of the Day, New Arrivals, Featured Products and Best Selling, Deal Banner on Home Screen, User Dashboard Design, Lower Price Suggestion to Seller and E2S Smart Business Assistant.

2. Use Mobile App :

Mobile eCommerce has become a part of our everyday lives and most people are engaged in using it both for B2B and B2C purpose. For eCommerce business, a B2B mobile app is one of the most beneficial digital service channels that offers a platform for connecting the buyers and sellers. Excess2sel mobile app is a comprehensive mobile application that brings leading manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors on one single B2B trading platform. The app provides them with the best bulk deals on various product categories ranging from laptops & accessories, mobile phones, security surveillance, home furnishing, lifestyle and more.

3. Chat with E2S Smart :

E2S Smart is our Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot that is integrated with Excess2sell mobile app and also on the website. The Smart Business Assistant is programmed in a conversational and interactive manner so that it can answer all the queries of the customer in an instant manner. With this, the users can get complete information about the portal, KYC Updation, payment methods, liquidation deals, product categories, My Account etc. E2S Smart Business Assistant is designed to allow one-to-one interaction with our virtual support assistant who can help you with instant responses to any queries you may have during product research or purchase process.

4. Connect on Whats App :

Whats App is one of the best platforms for one-to-one direct communication with your customers/partners. Excess2sell- the online eCommerce ecosystem banks on seamless communication with all its members and partners. In Facebook’s insightful study ‘More than a Message, 53% people say they are more likely to buy from a business that they can contact via chat. With our dedicated Whats App numbers, members can reach us live for buying and selling in product categories as well as for other B2B queries.

5. Email Us :

Emails are the best medium to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis, express concern for their safety, well-being and at the same time address all their queries in detail through mails. Partners can mail us at with all their B2B queries on buying and selling, account information, KYC Updation etc. and all required information via email. This also acts an engagement platform at times when businesses are affected by the disruption to reach out to the brand for assertive information.

Staying up-to-date on this pandemic and its effects on eCommerce and business is whole is the first step to overcome the hurdles. The Covid-19 outbreak has showcased the value and need of digital transformation and organisations should utilise this time to adapt and accelerate this transition.